All on set photos by Leah James

Here With You

This short film (written by Morgan Sullivan and Joseph Rogers, and directed by Nona Schamus) follows a new trans romance that quickly blossoms into a deeper connection. 

When May goes to her friend's housewarming party, she meets a boy who piques her interest. She invites him over to hang out while she gets ready for another party, only to realize that they have more in common than she thought.This film was produced with an all trans cast and crew, and offers a look at a healthy romantic relationship and open communication between two trans people.

Here With You will be premiering this Fall, and will be screening at festivals, as well as available online.

Writer/Producer: Morgan Sullivan

Co-Writer: Joseph Rogers

Director: Nona Schamus

Director of Photography: Easton Carter Angle



Imani: Zenobia Teague

Elliot: Morgan Sullivan